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An amazing little tool that is helping a lot to automate sharing important information from sheets regularly and, particularly important, consistently. Love it. Don't hesitate to contact support if there is an issue. You will be given ample information to troubleshoot, and you will not be left alone until all is working :-) (even if the issue was caused by google).


Google Sheets User

I really love this add on, I've been using it for more than two and a half years now and it's still working perfectly. My teammates think I'm a magician or a person who does not sleep at all simply because they receive notification email with the required updates any time of the day even when I'm not at work.

Mostafa Omar

Google Sheets User

Fantastic tool. We have been using the pro version for about 18 months now. We use it to send daily performance reports to our staff. Saves us a lot of time and works flawlessly. The fact that is converts sheets to PDF and attaches automatically to the outgoing emails is a nice feature. Keep up the good work Michaela :)


Google Sheets User