Schedule & Send Emails Addon
Release Notes & Planned Features

Further features on TODO list:

  • log sheet, e.g. „schedule xyz last sent: 01/01/2020 10:38am“
  • „Send Now“ button for multiple schedules at once (PRO) as well as sorting
  • Basic „Mail Merge“ possibility

Schedule Settings

  • dynamic send date
  • custom conditions, conditional sending (already possible with a little work around, see FAQ)
    • possible use case: send only when a specific cell is filled
    • possible use case: send every single time an email when a particular field is populated
    • possible use case: only send emails if value X is greater than Y

Save to Drive (low priority):

  • Custom file names with dynamic values

Further resources:

Latest version: #4.121

30th November 2022

  • Include cell ranges with formatting and "open" ranges: {'Sheet1'!A1:C}

8th April 2021

  • There was a major bug at Google’s servers which affected timed schedules.

15th March 2021

  • Bugfix:
    • Large configurations which start late (e.g. 01:58) now still send schedules even if it’s already past the configured time (e.g. 02:02, schedule is supposed to send between 01:00-02:00)

12th January 2021

  • New dynamic reference is available:
    • You can use {} to output your configurations name in your email/subject/filename etc.
    • It’s possible to combine this with dynamic cell references: {!A1%}
    • This is helpful if you have many configurations and send many different sheets to different people. Just create one configuration, duplicate it and rename the configuration’s name.

20th November 2020

  • Added multi user functionality.

07th November 2020

  • Bug fixed: On duplication „edit“ would open the wrong configuration sometimes

25th September 2020

  • Email Settings
    • Dynamic Cell Value now supports ranges like  {%’Sheet 1′!A1:A10%} or whole columns like {%’Sheet 1′!A:A%} for the fields To, CC, BCC and Subject
    • Values will be inserted comma separated, that’s perfect for using dynamic recipients from a list of email addresses.
    • This kind of dynamic range with formatting will be available in the next release for the email body.

24th June 2020

  • Email Settings
    • Dynamic cell references will now respect line breaks: Line breaks will be replaced with <br> in HTML emails.
    • The new tag {%RAW‚Sheet 1‘!A1%} will disable this behavior and will still insert the raw values as before
  • Export Settings
    • Fixed a bug where page numbers weren’t included correctly in merged PDF exports

14th March 2020

  • Configuration Overview
    • „Send Now“ Button directly accessible in the overview
    • Overview is now also available for FREE users
    • removed green „Upgrade to PRO“-banners for FREE Users
  • Export Settings (was „Report Settings“)
    • NEW: You can now export a custom cell range of your sheet and don’t have to export it as a whole
    • NEW: Preview Export button for EVERY sheet, not only the first one
  • Schedule Settings (BIG UPDATE!)
    • NEW: Start & End date
    • NEW: Annually schedule
    • NEW: New option „Send Every X“. You can now create bi-weekly schedules, quarterly schedules (every third month) and more
  • NEW: Demo Videos for PRO features

See the updated tutorial for more information: Tutorial 

11th November 2019

  • New „Contact Support“ form which will include important debug information. This will speed up processing support tickets and your issues will be solved faster.

20th August 2019

  • Filters in sheets will now be refreshed before sending
  • Bugfix: Folder selection will now display all folders hierarchically from Google Drive, even shared folders and Team Drive folders.

8th August 2019

New Feature:

  • You can now select the destination folder for „Save to Google Drive“

31st July 2019

New Features:

  • Email Settings: Set a custom senders name (senders email address can’t be changed!)
  • Email Settings: Send text-only emails
  • Advanced Settings: Disable the reference footer
  • Report Settings: Merge XSLX/ODS sheets to one file (same as PDF)
  • Updated PRO Status page with possibility to upgrade/extend current licenses

18th June 2019


  • fixed a display issue in the report settings (not showing sheets to select)

10th May 2019

New Features:

  • Added advanced PDF export settings (margin, scaling, pagenumbers etc.)
  • New Preview for PDF exports available
  • Merge your sheets to one PDF document (PRO only)
  • Enable/Disable ALL schedules at once (PRO only)


  • added a new error message if user is logged in with multiple Google accounts

4th February 2019


  • {%DATE%} now respects ALL timezones and correctly outputs the date

31th January 2019

  • Insert dynamic cell ranges (whole tables) in email body (inline HTML)
  • Bigger email body textarea
  • Send email now: information that email is suceccfully sent


  • Very long text in email body is now saved correctly (up to 200kb)

24th January 2019

    • Dynamic value {%DATE%}: shows the correct date in the correct spreadsheet timezone
  •  PRO ONLY:
    • Automatic receipt via email after purchasing PRO
    • „Copy Schedule“ feature added for easier creation of several schedules + copied schedules are automatically deactivated and need to be actived in order to run

22nd August 2018


PRO Version of the plugin for 9.99€/year

  • Multiple Schedule Settings
  • Unlimited Time Schedules
  • Premium Support
  • 14 Days Money-back Guarantee

12th May 2018


  • Report Settings:
    • Self-defined file names (optional)
    • Dynamic file names via dynamic values (current date, cell value)
  • Schedule Settings:
    • more schedule options like for specific days like (only Monday, Thurday, Sunday or only workdays, weekends)
    • more schedule options for time like every day at 3am, every day at 4am, all 3 hours, etc.

Additional Changes:

  • Tidy and clean add-on interface: reporting, email and schedule settings now available via pop-up
  • Comprehensive FAQs

07th March 2018


  • Dynamic date value now in local language (same as spreadsheet locale settings)
  • Dynamic values enabled for To/CC/BCC email fields
  • Enabled HTML editor for email body
  • Enabled „Insert Image“ for email body

24th January 2018

NEW FEATURE AVAILABLE: Dynamic values for Email subject and body

  • Add DATE to subject or body to get the current date (date where email is sent)
  • Add CELL VALUE to subject or body to insert the value of the selected cell. To change the cell you can simple edit the number in the subject or body field. [BETA FEATURE]

Additional Changes:

  • Email Settings: CC/BCC added
  • Save to Google Drive Settings: filename now in English

25th November 2017

Schedule Settings: Time selection to weekly/monthly schedule added

Email Settings: Error message added if more than 50 recipients added to list

Please note: You CAN’T send emails to more than 50 recipients because of a Google limit. Please consider that a group email does not count as single email address but for each person in the group: So when you have 30 people in a group email, it counts for 30 people.

17th October 2017

Schedule Settings: Timezone changed to spreadsheet timezone and not script

Please note: Resave your schedule to get the correct timezone.

2nd October 2017

Schedule Settings: Bugfix for sending multiple sheets (sheet selector)

1st October 2017

Schedule Settings: Hour selection for daily reports added

NEW FEATURE AVAILABLE: Save your spreadsheets also to Google Drive (experimentaly)

Please note: The files are saved in the same folder of your spreadsheet.

21th September 2017

Email Settings: Bugfixes for sending Emails

20th September 2017

NEW FEATURE AVAILABLE: You can select as many sheets as you want (not only one or all)

Email Settings: New WYSIWYG editor added

28th August 2017

Email Settings: HTML editor added

18th August 2017

Bugfix Email Scheduler

13th July 2017

File selection: Sending first sheet as PDF (before only all sheets possible)

1st July 2017

Schedule Settings: Bugfixes

25th May 2017

Initial Version (yippi it’s online now :-D): Schedule & Send Emails